Judge Cleland’s first order to withhold Mrs. Jacobus’ food and water was filed 5 hours AFTER her death.

In 2007, that official document was removed from the file and replaced with a second order.

Investigators were not deceived.  Family photocopied the original order.

Cleland’s first, official, court order consists of only one page.  The print is so small that the document
could easily be overlooked.  The second, unofficial, court order contains many more pages.  The
font is large, easy to read, and more prominent than the original.

Upon advice from legal counsel, both court orders will be posted at a later date.

Cleland's first official order is signed, sealed, and documented with official time date stamps.  His second
order bears no official seal, no time date stamp, only his signature.  It is a federal offense to alter or falsify
a public document.  Readers can draw their own conclusions.