Extensive studies show that a United States Supreme Court law is
      being routinely manipulated in order to justify the withdrawl of food
      and water from patients who are not terminally il.  Healthy people are
      "forced to die" of starvation and dehydration, or of related causes
       in government regulated nursing homes.

       This is not a "choice to die" issue, or a "right to die"  issue for the
       terminally ill.   Healthy people are being "forced to die".

       It is said that patients "choose to die".   No one "chooses to die"  of
       starvation without water.   People choose cannibalism first.  No one
       would use a living will to request that food and water be withheld.

       Thousands of American families whose loved ones have been victimized,
       agree,  patients are starved to death without water because every person
       who dies is one less person for government to support with dwindling
       social security funds.

 ......Even if there is only a one percent probablity that patients are, in fact,
       being starved to death without water in order to relieve the drain on
       government funds, no one in a civilized society can afford that risk.