Justice  Scalia wrote in his dissenting opinion,
     'Better to make a reversible mistake and rule in
      favor of life, than to make an irreversible mistake
      and order death'.

                Judge John Cleland of McKean County, PA, ignored  the
        US Supreme Court law and ordered food and water withheld
        from Dorothy Jacobus.   She was  not terminally ill. and she
        was a ward of the state.     Next Cleland blocked her autopsy.

                 (This barbaric injustice happened in a public court room,   under
         the keen eyes of the law.   What happens to other  innocent, trusting
         people when no one is watching?)

                     Two months after Mrs. Jacobus' court ordered starvation,
        Gladys Jones died of starvation in her daughter's Pittsburgh
        PA, home.   Police investigated,  an autopsy was ordered, and
        Dr. Cyril Wecth determined that Mrs. Jones died of "gross,
        wanton  neglect".    Mrs. Chapman't daughter was  charged with
        murder and jailed without bond.

   This profound paradox illustrates Justice Scalia's
                       concern for the rule of law.