..........The Amiel institute for Research and Justice, Quantum Justice.org,  and
           Quantum Insight.org, are independent, non profit organizations.   We are
           not associated with, or funded by, any government agency.

           This independent status promotes an enviornment of free expression and
           eases the process of raising awareness for others   Through information
           and insight, all Americans have the opportunity to become active partici-
           pants in their own lives and in the lives of thier loved ones.

 ..........We believe that certain barriers exist in the execution of justice.  The law
           is routinely manipulated by unscrupulous people.  This abuse leads to
           injustice for innocent, trusting people.

           Oliver Justice Holmes wrote, "There is nothing so keenly perceived nor so
           finely felt as injustice".   Through information and insight, thoughtful, con-
           cerned, honorable people can penetrate the barriers of injustice.

 .........For informed Americans, endless possibilities exist in the structure of justice.

           Our current focus researches and highlights a little known  United States
           Supreme Court ruling that will eventually touch the lives, the health, and
           the freedom of every person in America.