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        Dotty, a beautiful vibrant lady               Dotty, hours before she died, following Judge Cleland's
              who fed the homeless               illegal court order to withhold food and water. Dotty suffered for
                                                                two months before she died. Her last words were, "I am thirsty".

           In 1998, Judge John Cleland of Kane, PA, signed an illegal order to withhold food and
water from
           Mrs. Dotty Jacobus, also of Kane.

           Dotty was healthy.  She did not have cancer or any other terminal illness.  She was not attached to
           artificial life support.  For two long months Dotty’s healthy body suffered the horrific pain of hunger,
           and the agony of thirst, before she finally starved to death.

           Judge Cleland’s barbaric order deprived Dotty her most fundamental human right:  the right to the
           comfort of water (known as comfort death) during her final days.  Dotty’s last words were,


           Her emaciated body weighed only 48 pounds at the time of her death.

           Judge Cleland’s profound injustice is unprecedented in the history of American law.  After Dotty’s

           death, her physician, Emmanuel Hippolito, MD, signed a death certificate listing a treatable medical
           condition  as primary diagnosis.  Evidence that Dotty was not terminally ill.


                              Judge Cleland arrives for Jerry Sandusky’s child molestation hearing.
                                   Why is this man smiling? (Alex Brandon, AP, Photo credit)

           How could this unimaginable tragedy happen in America?  America is dedicated to the principle of
           defending human rights for people around the world.  How could a human being be starved to death
           without water, by illegal judicial order, in America?  Read on.
           In 1998, the United States Supreme Court ruled that food and water can be withdrawn from human
           beings.  Certain conditions must be met.  Among them:
           1. The person must be terminally ill.
           2. The person must have a living will.
           3. ALL family members must agree to the starvation.
           4. Two neurologists must evaluate the person for an extended time in order to confirm
               the existence of a persistent vegetative state.  (Extended means months or years,
               not minutes or days).
           None of these conditions were met in Dotty's case.  Judge Cleland, an American judge, manipulated
           the law, in order to justify his illegal court order to starve her to death, and deprive her of water.
           Dotty is not the only victim.  The law is routinely manipulated in America (by health care professionals,
           government agencies and others) in order justify death by starvation for aging (but healthy) nursing
           home residents, nationwide.  Care plans lend the appearance of legality to this illegal practice.  Elderly
           or dependent human beings are neglected to the point of being unable to speak for themselves, then
           others speak for them and say, "They would want to die".
           This concept is absurd, faulty, misleading, and insulting.
           People who want to die want to end their suffering not prolong it.  Someone might say, "When I get too
           old, too weak, too sick or too lonely, I want to die".  No one ever says, "I want to suffer when I die. Make
           me die in the slowest most painful way imaginable.  Starve me to death.  And while you're at it, really
           make me suffer.  Don't give me any water".  This direct quote from M. Means, Humanitarian, speaks volumes.
           No one chooses to die of starvation.  No one ever asks to be deprived of water.  However, statistics show
           that 42 % of all healthy nursing home residents in America, die of intentional starvation and dehydration.
           The numbers are rising as the senior population rises.  The ultimate horror, healthy human beings are
           denied their right to comfort death because water would keep them alive. (See: Bobby Sands, Irish
           Hunger Strikers).
           Not every American can afford to pay a lawyer to write a living will.  Those who can, do so believing that the
           document will protect their end of life decisions.  But in a world of rapidly evolving medical, legal and social
           advances, a living will now, could mean death by slow starvation, without water, later.  Why?  In order to keep
           up with these advances, documents will need to be revised.  A costly venture.  Most Americans are unable to
           pay lawyers for constant revisions, and may end up relying on outdated living wills.  As a result, human
           beings who are aged, but still healthy, will be forced to die of prolonged starvation, without water.  Moreover,
           in the presence of a living will, no health care professional, government agency, judge, lawyer, hospice, or
           ombudsman, can, or will, protect them from this horrific death.
           After a certain point of deprivation, victims are too weak to move or speak.  Unable to ask for help, they
           suffer, and die, in silence.  According to current statistics, the majority of nursing home residents are
           women.  In their later years, women are victimized by the very institutions that promise to protect them.
           This silent violence against senior women goes unreported because people who are being starved to
           death, and deprived of  water, are unable to speak for themselves.  We will speak for them. We will raise
           awareness for other senior women, and men, through Dotty's story, and the stories of countless other
           Dotty's case is the only one of its kind on record.  Why?  Because she was a ward of the state.  Judge
           Cleland was required by law to protect his ward's right to food and water.  Dotty's starvation is the only
           recorded case in America, in which an American judge, ignored American law, and signed an illegal
           order to withhold food and water from a healthy human being, who was also a ward of the state, a
           member of a legally protected class in America.  Dotty's family went to court, to compel Cleland to follow
           the law.  He refused, believing that he was protected by the incestuous rural justice of his isolated, rural
           county.  He was mistaken.  Judge Cleland could have been a hero for protecting his ward's life.  Instead he
           orchestrated murder.
           If a corrupt judge can intentionally ignore the law in open court, then document his illegal order on the
           public record, imagine what happens behind closed doors, off the record.
           Many trusting, unsuspecting family members are misled and deceived while their elderly or dependent
           loved ones suffer so desperately in silence.  Although these families did not enter the courts, although their
           loved ones were not wards of the state, our book, Killer Judge, also documents their case histories.
           1. First hand accounts from families who were misled by health care professionals who routinely
           manipulate the law, then cover their illegal actions with signed "care plans".
           2. Eyewitness reports about government agencies that continue to look the other way, while elderly or
           dependent human beings starve to death without water, in silence.
           They have asked for their stories to be told, in order to raise awareness for others, and to protect others
           from suffering.

We are telling Dotty’s story to help others recognize the dangers of misdiagnosis and the hidden danger
           of living wills.

1.  There is a difference between being allowed to die (Right to Die) and being forced to die. 

     Healthy bodies need food and water to survive—without it, they die.  Terminally ill bodies reject food,

their systems are shutting down—dying of terminal disease.  Terminally ill patients do receive water

(comfort death) as they die because water does not stop the dying process.  They die within minutes of

being withdrawn from life support.

     Healthy patients suffer for months while their bodies digest their own internal organs and muscle

tissue, and draw moisture from their cells to quench the agony of thirst.  First, they are “forced to die” by

being deprived of food, then they are denied their right to comfort death while they die because water

would extend their lives.

     In Dotty’s case, Cleland forced her to die by depriving her of food, then denied her the right to comfort

death, knowing that water would keep her alive.  His premeditated action is no different than common



2.  The Hidden Dangers of Living Wills.

     People who want to die want to end their suffering, not prolong it.  In a world of rapidly evolving

medical and legal advances, a living will now could mean death by slow starvation, without water, later.


The above issues form the basis for former US Supreme Court Justice Blackman’s prediction that the most

serious legal issues facing America in the 21st century will be Right to Die issues versus Right to Life



We have also launched this site to protect others from suffering the way Dotty suffered.  She would have

wanted that.  To understand Judge Cleland’s motivation for killing Dotty, see links below:


Link 1:                                                       Link 2:                                                         Link 3:

Investigative Facts                                    Cleland manipulates the                              Cleland’s Court Order

and Documentation                                   U.S. Supreme Court law



1.  Dotty was a resident of the Lutheran Home at Kane, PA.  Cleland co owned the facility.

2.  When Dotty’s husband died, her sister and daughter tried to take her out of the facility.  Cleland blocked

     their efforts.  (Her daughter was arrested for trespassing every time she tried to take Dotty to her home).

3.  A final legal point:  Dotty was a ward of the state.  Judges are required by law to protect a ward’s right to

     receive food and water.  There are no exceptions.


                    Killer Judge Film Synopsis


            Killer Judge   Judge John Cleland, of Kane, PA could have been a hero for saving a life, instead

he orchestrates murder to cover 7 years of errors.  Why?  Revenge, fear, stupidity?

Dotty Jacobus is not terminally ill, not on life support, she’s healthy and­ she’s a ward of the state in

a nursing home.  Her Husband (WW II counter spy & defense lawyer) dies.  A daughter is arrested

for trying to take her out of the facility.  Family contacts 37 gov’t agencies (incl Gov. Tom Ridge) for

help~for 2 mos~to no avail. Petitions to restore food & water follow.  Cleland ignores the law, orders

starvation.  (It is later discovered that he co owns the facility).  Dr. Emanuel Hipolito offers false

testimony that Dotty’s condition is hopeless then lists treatable conditions as cause of death on her

death certificate.  Details (legal guardianship, a judge killing his ward & leaving paper trails,

incestuous rural justice & manipulation of Supreme Ct. laws that allow food & water to be withheld)

make this case the first of its kind on record.  A range of memorable people appear: corrupt, inept,

self serving, courageous, powerful, famous.  Without  this rainbow of humanity, a film about murder

by starvation would be too horrific.  Chevalie-Fr.  Music: U2.





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    In 1998 the United States Supreme Court ruled that food and
    water can be withheld  from human beings.

    The decision clearly defines certain requirements,
    among them:  the patient must be terminally ill and have a living will,
    all family members must agree to the proposed withdrawl, and three  physicians,
    including twoneurologists, must evaluate the patient for an extended time, to determine
    that a non responsive, comatose, persistent vegetative state  exists...Evidence shows that
    this law, which was designed to end suffering  for the terminally ill, is being manipulated
    to justify death for patients who are not terminally ill.

    Many Americans write living wills, believing that under special circumstances, their
    "choice to die" will be honored.  But Americans need to be aware of legal and medical
    definitions before finalizing documents that could lead to death by starvation.   Starving
    to death without water is a long, slow, painful, process.  No one "chooses to die" slowly
    or painfully. People who "want to die" want to end their suffering not prolong it. (see:; click on: 1998 US Supreme Court law, Cruzan v MO, SR 2260).

   Since May 2001, The Amiel Instituete has collected over 10,000 first person accounts
   from American families whose elderly or dependent loved ones starved to death with-
   out water in government regulated nursing homes.  In every family's experience, a
   common theme has emerged:..government protective services routinely refuse to inter-
   vene while loved ones die of slow starvation.  Families agree, government looks the oth-
   erway while patients starve to death because every person who dies is one less person
   to subsidize with dwindling social security funds. This issue is not a "choice to die" or a
   "right to die" issue for the terminally ill, it is an awareness issue--a moral issue about
   healthy patients who are "forced to die".  Thousands of American families have asked
   to tell their loved one's story so that other Americans will be protected.

   Steven Speilberg's Shoah Foundation inspires this effort.  If your loved one died in a
   nursing home, the Institute shares your loss, and invites you to tell your  story. Your
   right to express your opinion and to describe your loved one's experience, is protected
   by law. Truth is the ultimate goal in all communication.

   CASE HISTORY #1.  This case, documented on public record, is the first of three.
   In 1998, Dorothy Holmes Jacobus starved to death without water at the Lutheran Home
   at Kane, PA.  She was not terminally ill, not on life support and not in a coma   She was
   healthy--it took two months for her to die and she weighed 48  poundsat the time of her
   death.  Mrs. Jacobus entered the home as a highly interactive person, with her husband
   at her side.  When he died seven years later--she met her fate.  Her daughter learned
   about the unlawful "care plan" to stop food and water, and tried to take her Mother out
   of the facility.   She contacted .37 government agencies at all levels, local, area, state and
   federal, but  they refused to help while her Mother slowly starved to death.  No priest or
   pastor would help, and.Tom Ridge, then PA governor, ignored the crisis. Mrs. Jacobus
   was a ward of the state so her daughter went to court to stop the starvation.  Judges are
   obligated by law to protect a ward's best interests, but Judge John Cleland of Kane, ig-
   nored the Supreme Court law and ordered food and water withheld.  Mrs. Jacobus' last
   whispers were, "I am thirsty."  When her doctor signed a death certificate listing a treat-
   able condition as cause of death, her daughter hired Cyril Wecht for an autopsy, but the
   same judge who ordered Mrs. Jacobus' death also blocked the autopsy.  This barbaric
   murder didn't happen in a primitive, third world country, it happened in America, the
   land of the free. This innocent lady is my Grandmother.  She fed strangers, she helped
   everyone, but the people who were supposed to help her, killed her.  This is so sad and
   so wrong.  My friends and I are writing to leaders around the world, the UN, human
   rights offices, writers, senators, judges, and even the Pope, about my Grandmother.  No
   matter how long it takes, someone, will stop this from happening to other grandparents.

   Our Experts:  Judge Cleland ignored the Supreme Court law.   He only considered
   testimony that would justify death. There is absolutely no justification for his actions.
   Citizen panel:  Most families do not enter the courts but similar experiences lead us to
   question the integrity of nursing homes, doctors, government agencies and judges.

   FACT:  Thirty percent of all nursing home residents die of starvation, and the numbers
   are rising as the population increases.
   FACT:  Starvation is a long, slow, painful process.  The body digests its own internal
   organs and muscle tissue, but patients are too weak from deprivation to express pain.
   FACT:  Starvation is intentional, not accidental.
   FACT:  There is ample time time to stop starvation and the interventions are numerous.
   FACT:  The law requires extended evaluation--many months or years--not days or weeks.

   Experts:  Does the Supreme Court know that the law is being abused? Justice Scalia
   expressed concern in his dissenting opinion: 'better to make a reversible error by ruling
   in favor of life, than to make an irreversible mistake and order death'.  Justice Ginsberg
   follows the exact letter of the law, if she learns that the law is being abused, she'll react.
   Citizen panel:  Depriving human beings of food or water is no different than common
   murder.  The Supreme Court needs to know that the law is being abused to justify the
   inhumane murder of our helpless parents and grandparents.
   Experts:..Other people are also at risk. Any patient, of any age, who appears to be
   non responsive, could have food and water withheld, and could die slowly and painfully
   if the law is not followed exactly.

   CASE HISTORY #2  This case represents many other similar cases.
   I am writing about my grandmother.  Her doctor sent her to a nursing home for a
   brief recovery after she fell at home.  The day of her release, he signed papers to keep
   her in the facility to protect her from falling again.  She was so sad after the decision,
   and she fell three more times.  Each fall was serious enough to require stitches, but
   miraculously, she didn't go into a coma.  Her mind was clear and she was hungry.  My
   grandmother was outspoken, when she complained, staff accused her of causing prob-
   lems and "stealing cookies" and locked her in her room.  Next they said she'd lost her
   swallow reflex and couldn't eat.  The truth is, she was too depressed to eat.  My aunts
   visited her often and pretty soon she felt better and started eating again.  We trusted
   the home to provide the good care that all homes promise, but my grandmother got
   worse in days.  She begged for water.  Staff said 'water could cause aspiration and
   death'.  I gave her water and she drank three glasses at once.  She died nine months
   after she went to the home. Her last word was "water".   There were cookies under her
   mattress, my grandmother was so hungry that she hid cookies!  She was in the Luth-
   eran Home at Kane. Friends said it all, "Better to fall at home."  True.  Her doctor said
   she died of cardiac arrest.  False.  She died of deprivation.

   Experts:  Nursing homes advertize good care and most people trust facilities to pro-
   vide good care.  After a loved one's death, families realize that information was mis-
   leading or false, and also learn that the real cause of death was starvation, dehydration
   shock, or starvation related causes such as infection.  (During prolonged deprivation,
   the body's resistance to infection is significantly weakened).
   Citizen panel:  Cardiac arrest is medicalese for a stopped heart.  But other events
   cause cardiac arrest.  Every heart stops when the body is deprived of food and water.
   Experts: ..Patients who are in too much pain to respond after a fall, or too weak to
   respond after extended deprivation, can be labeled non responsive; food and water
   can be withdrawn from human beings who are non responsive.

   FACT:  The average nursing home resident lives less than six months after admission.
   This statistic eliminates the need to spend money on long term care insurance.
   FACT:  80% of all nursing home residents are women.
   FACT:  Terminally ill bodies reject food. Their systems shut down because of disease.
   Many nursing home residents are healthy, not terminally ill, they survive as long as
   they receive food and water.  No healthy person should be denied food or water.

   Experts:  Water is a part of comfort death.  The right to comfort death addresses one
   of life's fundamental needs and touches every human being, even terminally ill patients
   crave water as they die.  To deprive human beings of this civil right is inhumane and im-
   moral, but nursing home patients are denied comfort death because water extends life.
   Citizen panel: Death row inmates die more humanely than nursing home residents.
   No one "chooses to die" of starvation or thirst.  People choose cannibalism first.
   Experts: This issue is not a "choice to die" or a "right to die" issue for the terminally ill,
   it is an awareness issue--a moral issue about healthy patients who are "forced to die".

   CASE HISTORY #3.  An anonymous speaker illustrates the value of information.
   I'm afraid to give my name because my sister works at the hospital and could lose her
   job.   My dad's doctor told us we had to put him in a home for recovery after a heart
   by-pass.  We wanted to take him home but the doctor wouldn't sign him out unless he
   went to the facility. Finally my mother said yes because the doctor promised it would
   only be a few weeks.  But when we tried to take dad home, the doctor wouldn't sign
   him out.  He said dad needed a special ramp to the house.  We couldn't afford one so
   our neighbors built it.  Government agents came out to see if it met their specifications.
   Then the doctor said dad needed a special bed, neighbors took up a collection so we
   could buy one right away but the doctor had more requirements.  Every time we tried
   to take dad out, the doctor had another requirement.  No government office, not even
   the ombudsman would help us.  My dad died of a broken heart because he knew we'd
   nev er get him out.  Later we learned that the doctor and obmudsman owned stock in
   the facility.  I believe that most nursing homes are just modern conconcentration camps.
   They're built to eliminate people who are "seen as" a drain on society. Nursing homes
   are worse than Nazis.At least the Nazis were honest about their plan to eliminate cer-
   tain people. Nursing homes lie, they say they take care of people.The truth is they kill
   people.  Dad's death should never have happened, he should have come home.

   Experts:  Sadly, Many families have limited understanding about the patient-physician
   relationship.  Doctors offer "opinions" about diagnosis and care; only family makes
   the final decision. Physicians require signed releases before treatment and nursing
   homes require signatures on care plans for a reason:   the signature process protects
   health care professionals by placing full responsibility on the famliy.  Thankfully, the
   same process that protects health care professionals, empowers families.
   Citizen panel: Through information, families who feel "bullied" or "suddenly over-
   whelmed" can contrubute fully to their loved one's care.   Information is power.

   FACT:  Nursing homes are big business; the fastest growing business in America.
   FACT:  Nursing home construction and operations benefit a wide range of investors, in-
   cluding politicians, doctors, lawyers, judges and corporations.  General Electric owns
   a commercial arm that builds nursing homes, GE also sells long term care insurance.

   Experts: General Electric owns NBC, tv shows, and media distrubution offices.  This
   explains the lack of mainstream media coverage about starvation in nursing homes.

   FACT:  Once you place your elderly or dependent loved ones in a nursing home, it is
   unlikely that you will ever get them out.  Doctors and nursing homes make it very easy
   for families to place a loved one in a home, but very difficult to take them out.
   FACT:  There is no substitute for education and information.  Information is meant to
   be shared, not held in the hands of a powerful few.  By exchanging information about a
   loved one's experience we become active participants in their lives and ultimately in our
   own lives, and we change the future.  (See for helpful resources).

   Citizen Panel:  Many Americans have had no experience with nursing homes and can't
   believe that patients are starved to death while government agencies refuse to help.
   Trusting people ask, "Wouldn't the homes want to keep patients alive as long as possi-
   ble?  The longer a nursing home keeps someone alive, the more money they get".
   Experts: On the surface this question seems logical.  However a deeper analysis of
   the economics behind nursing home operation reveals the flaw in this trusting logic.
   When patients enter nursing homes their social security income is paid to the facility.
   The average social security income is $800 to $1000 a month, maximum $1500.  The
   average nursing home charges $3,000 to $4000 a month, leaving a balance of $2,000
   to $3,000.   Who pays the difference? The govermnemt.  Does anyone really believe
   the government wants nursing homes to keep patients alive as long as possible?

   FACT:  When social security was first initiated, the life expectance was under 60.
   FACT:  Today Americans live longer, many live into their 80's and 90's.
   FACT:  The senior population is increasing and will continue to increase.

   Citizen Panel:  The question bears repeating,  "Does anyone really believe the gov-
   ernment wants facilities to keep all those people alive as long as possible?
   Absolutely not. Every person who dies is one less person for government to support.

   FACT:  The existence of regulatory agencies depends on the existence of the
   nursing homes.

   Citizen Panel:  This explains why government agencies refuse to help families.  Ask-
   ing government agencies for protection is like asking  the fox to protect the hens.
   Experts: .When loved ones are treated unjustly, families have a right to express their
   "opinions" and to describe their loved ones' experiences.  Just as holocaust surviors
   speak freely because their abusers are no longer a threat, many families sign their sto-
   ries.  Families who were threatened with law suits after speaking out, report that no le-
   gal action materialized, but those who fear retaliation can, and should, remain anony-
   mous.  Doctors, nursing homes and public officials avoid drawing attention to their own
   violations (especially failure to stop starvation) and create corporate structures, founda-
   tions and confidentially rules to protect their anomynity and sheild themselves from law
   suits.  Individuals are entitled to the same anomynity; privacy laws protect that right.
   Citizen Panel:  Content is more important than any signature.  We can speak out.
   Experts:  The entire point of civilization is that the weak are protected by the
   strong.  Today's adult population will be the weakest members of tomorrow's society.
   Unless we educate ourselves and our children, a living will can never guarantee pro-
   tection against death by starvation without water.

   Your stories are the first step in an awareness campaign to protect others from in-
   justice. To submit your stories, contact,  You are
   not alone. Your courage honors your loved ones.

   Rev. K. Ryan and Rev. J Miles are grief counselors and ethicists who co founded
   The Stardance Project, an independent research group that studies ethics and mor-
   ality in contemporary society.   Their book and documentary film, ("Social Ethics
   and Forced Exit:  Interviews with New America") are scheduled for release in 2004.
   The name Stardance represents the image of loved ones dancing in the stars.

   Note: ..By the year 2040, 14 million people will be "diagnosed" with  Alzheimer's.
   Researchers agree that disease can not be diagnosed conclusively until autopsy.
   Moreover, the symptoms of Alzheimer's often mimic the symptoms of many other
   diesases  and conditions, including, depression,  lyme disease, chronic stress and
   normal pressure hydrocephales--a relatively minor condition that affects many sen-
   ior Americans.   Left untreated, the symptoms of normal pressure hydrocephales
   mimic the symptoms of advanced stage Alzheimer's.   A doctor's "opinion" about
   an Alzheimer's diagnosis may, in many cases, be inaccurate.  Inaccurate diagnosis
   leads to inacurate treatment.   Even if there is only a one percent probablity that
   patients are, in fact, being starved to death in order to relieve the drain on govern-
   ment funds, no one in a civilized society can afford that risk.  Society's concern
   must focus on Americans who have been "diagnosed" with Alzheimer's Disease.

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