The Heisenberg Principle of Observation

    1.  Every event is changed by the observation of that event.
    2.  The momentum of an event is changed by observation.

     According to the scientific principles of physics, as awareness
     is raised about the facts of starvation in nursing  homes, the
     practice of starvation will change.  Other methods will undoubtedly
      be devised to end life, however, no method is more barbaric or
      inhumane than withholding food and water.

     The Principles of Non Locality

     1.   Related objects affect each other regardless of their locality
           and regardless of  the distance between them.
     2.   Particles influence each others' momentum (or action) even
           when separated by vast distance.
     3.   One particle's momentum affects the momentum (or action)
           of other particles.
      (Once particles come into contact, they continue to affect each
       another, regardless of the space or time between them).

    Spatial and Temporal  Non Locality

      Temporal non locality relates to the time factor between
       particles or events.    Spatial non locality applies to distance.
       Events, particles or momentum in the past can not be changed.
       However, events particles or momtum in the future can be changed.

   The Heisenberg Principle inspires endless possiblities in society.