2010 Call For Entries

Tales of Ordinary Justice Script & Film Festival

$1000  1st Prize        $500  2nd Prize        $250  3rd Prize 


People worldwide experience many forms of adversity:   emotional or physical abuse, addiction, hunger, illness, or injustice--in and out of the courtroom.  If you, or someone you know, have been victimized, we invite you to tell the story in film.

Engaging People   *   Exchanging Ideas   *   Promoting Ordinary Justice

Many people use their experiences to help others.  We are interested in the struggle and the effort regardless of the resolution.  (Members of the French Resistance worked without recognition or reward yet their efforts are legendary).   Entries can be fictionalized or humorous, fiction and humor are powerful tools.  We welcome every story that conveys compassion, empathy or humanity.   If you feel restricted by a gag order, contact us.

"Be bold for the helpless.  Be mighty for the weak."   E Jean, MD

This forum offers writers and filmmakers the opportunity to be heard.  As you speak out, your film will encourage others.   Silence protects the abusers not the victims.    We are especially interested in stories about injustice to the elderly.


Entry Process:

Length: To 50 Minutes  *  DVD  *  Fee: $45  *  Deadline: May 31, 2010

Mail To:  Justice Films  734 Santa Rita Place  San Diego, CA  92109 

Info:  yourjusticefilms@yahoo.com   (Entry fee waived for certain cases)   Location:  TBA

Every film given full consideration        Previous entries may inspire your work:


Chasing the Dragon  A decorated Viet Nam Vet describes his 20 year heroin addiction.  John Espinoza's legs are shredded by a pressure mine.  Army docs work for a year to repair muscles, arteries and shattered bone, prescribing opium for pain.  By the time of his release John is an addict. Twists of fate fill the story. The Army tells his mother he's dead, a brother is treated next door unaware of his location. He & his best friend pack 28 dolls with pure heroin to sell at home, his friend steals the dolls. Friends & family take part in the film. Their sincerity and John's fearless persona give this black & white film a feeling of vivid color. Jacobus, USA  Music U2


When I'm 64  36% percent of American nursing home patients are starved to death without water while the laws that protect them are ignored or manipulated.  Documentarians George Ellis and Kitty Ryan interview families whose loved ones were victimized.  A must see for those who trust nursing homes, government or judges.  Music: Paul McCartney   Funded by Israeli grants


Ask Now  Judge John Cleland, of Kane, PA could have been a hero for saving a life, instead he orchestrates murder to cover 7 yrs of errors. Why? Revenge, fear, stupidity?  Dotty Jacobus is not terminally ill, not on life support, she's healthy and she's a state ward in a nursing home. Her husband (former WW II counter spy & criminal defense lawyer) dies. A daughter is arrested for trying to take her home, family contacts 37 gov't agencies (incl Gov.Tom Ridge) for help~for 2 mos~to no avail. Petitions to restore food & water follow. Cleland ignores the law, orders starvation. (He invests in the home).Dr.Emanuel Hipolito testifies her case is hopeless then lists treatable conditions as cause of death on a death certificate. Details (legal guardianship, a judge killing his ward & leaving paper trails, incestuous rural justice & manipulation of Supreme Ct. laws that allow food & water to be withheld) make this case the first of its kind on record. A range of memorable people appear: corrupt, inept, self serving, courageous, powerful, famous. Without this spectrum of humanity, a film about murder by starvation would be too horrific. Chevalier, FR.  Music, Bono


Justice 4 Sale  Lawyers & judges get together behind closed doors to decide the outcome of cases. Do they really care or rarely care? A serious film in a briefcase full of humor. Jene, FR. Music: Bob Dylan


The Talmud Is on Your Side   Two teens accidentally kill a neighbor who molested them for 8 years.  No one suspects them but they start to crumble emotionally until a friend explains the right to self protection. A multifaceted story about accidental justice.  Jonathan King, Canada


Hollow Points  A man with a deformity goes on a killing spree when he learns that his condition could have been corrected at birth. His deformity is revealed in the way he approaches his victims (doctors who wouldn't help him, reporters who wouldn't tell his story).  Are the killings real or imagined?  The answer depends on how the term damage is defined.  Eva Cheng, Taiwan


Oliver Julian Holmes  Institutionalized for 33 years without a single visitor, Mr. Holmes, in his mid 80's, is probably misdiagnosed.  His sister, her children and grandchildren live nearby but have never visited. Audiences are in tears as they learn about this true gentleman's courage (he survived draconian treatment in "nervous hospitals") talent (taught himself to play the violin) & intellect (he speaks cautiously but wisely). A film about perilous misdiagnosis. Robinson USA


Willy Sutton, MD  Chris Rock's line, "There's no profit in good health, doctor's are just pushers in white coats" inspires this comic view of doctors. Music: Whitesnake,  Marc Pastor  Spain


Never Underestimate the Power of a Mime   A granddaughter struggles to take her 90 year old grandfather Tom out of a nursing home.  Finally  she succeeds and sets up his bed in the cozy kitchen of her small home.  Their joy ends when state and federal agencies and a team of lawyers threaten her with jail if she doesn't return Tom to the "home".  Tom, a retired vaudevillian, creates a diversion that outwits the powerful opposition.  Anonymous, Based on a true story.


Still Waters.  A shy 15 year old girl is verbally bullied every day of her freshman year by a classmate. Frequent, random assaults heighten her anxiety. She asks for help--pastors, teachers, friends, even her father (who is also abusive) offer no help. Unable to fight back and depressed, her grades slip. Summer offers no peace, she knows torment will follow next year. The tide turns, when her gentle mother offers 2 words to end the bullying.  Filmed by a survivor.  Thero  USA


Writing Class  Police in a small town bully certain residents for years until two victims discover a simple, foolproof, defense strategy. No police are harmed in this film.  Nicholson, S Africa


Afraid of the Dark  A script about child prostitutes in Thailand.  Main characters are innocence, deceit, greed, the relationship between money and justice, and fake trials set up by judges who feign integrity and pretend to care.  Dani and Chloe Senet   France


Tontine  Three boys 9, 11 & 12 leave for a short bike ride, only two return. The oldest is kidnapped by a sexual predator. His shy mother, who had never spoken in public, devotes her life to finding him and embarks on a public campaign to raise awareness.  She has never given up hope that her son is still alive. The surviving brother has not spoken to anyone about that night.  This film explores his silence. Did the kidnapper force him to choose the victim? Does he feel responsible for his older brother's fate?  Did his brother sacrifice himself in order to protect the younger, weaker boys?  Signs of a struggle at the scene lead some to wonder if he believed he had a better chance to escape.  Some people do nothing during crisis, other plead helplessness. This story (about a boy who may have placed others first, and a mother who still places others first) defines love.  Inspired by actual events. Anon. USA, Music: U2


Choices   During the 80's, director Sydney Pollack, told sports analyst Bob Costas, "You reveal who you are through the choices you make".  His words inspire a series of interviews with, and about, everyday people who are forced to reveal who they are.  USA


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