By the year 2040, 14 million Americans will be "diagnosed" with Alzheimer's.

   Society's concern must be for the people who have been "diagnosed" with
   this disease.   Researchers agree that Alzheimer's Disease can not be
   identified conclusively until autiopsy.  Moreover, researchers also agree
   that the symptoms of the "diagnosis" often mimic the symptoms of other
   medical conditions, including, to name only a few: severe depression,
   lyme disease, chronic stress, post traumatic stress disorder, and normal
   pressure hydrocephales--a releatively minor medical condition that affects
   many senior Americans.

   Left untreated, patients with these and many other "diagnoses"  can
   develop symptoms that mimic the symptoms of advanced stage Alzheimer's.
  Any doctor's "opinion" about an  Alzheimer's "diagnosis" may be inaccurate,
   Sadly, inaccurate "diagnosis" leads to inaccurate treatment.

   Physicians assoicated with the Institute agree with Jay Leno's comment:
             "Why won't doctors just admit that they're guessing".
   The word "diagnosis"  is just a medical term for the word "GUESS"

    It is said that patients with advanced stage Alzheimer's, feel no pain.
    The perecption of pain is an individual experience.  Patients who have
    been "diagnosed" with Alzheimer's, may feel pain, but may be unable to
    respond  to or express pain.  No one can state conclusively that another
    human being feels no pain.