We are an independent association of physicists, artists,
        filmmakers, sociologists, economists, physicians, lawyers and theologists
        who research and evaluate specific events in American society.

                                     Our current focus researches and highlights a little known
         United States Supreme Court ruling that will eventually touch the lives, the
         health, and the freedom of every person in America.   For Americans who
         are informed, endless possibilities exist in the structure of justice.

                                   The concept of Quantum Justice, is inspired by quantum
         mechanics, the theoretical branch of physics, and by our belief that the
         need for justice is one of mankind's fundamental spiritual needs.

         Certain barriers exist in classical physics.   At the atomic level, electrons
         are bound to the nucleus.  This creates barriers which prevent electrons
         from escaping.   Quantum physics modernizes those concepts.      Many
  .......barriers are broken down in quantum physics, and theoretically, a  few
         electrons can separate from the atomic core.  This allows penetration of
         the central structure.   Endless possibilities exist in quantun physics that
         can not be proved in classical physics.

                                  We believe that certain barriers also exist in the execution
          of justice.  The law is routinely manipulated by unscrupulous people, and
          this abuse leads to injustice for innocent, trusting people.

         Oliver Justice Holmes wrote, "There is nothing so keenly perceived nor so
         finely felt as injustice".   Through information and insight, thoughtful, con-
         cerned, honorable people can penetrate the barriers of injustice.